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Nearly 30 made-in-Philadelphia Movies ... and their fabulous stars!

Movie                     Starring

Marley & Me                          Jennifer Aniston            Owen Wilson

The Answer Man                     Jeff Daniels                  Lauren Graham

Law Abiding Citizen               Jamie Foxx                   Gerard Butler

Baby Mama                           Tina Fey                       Amy Poehler                Greg Kinnear

The Happening                       Mark Wahlberg          John Leguizamo


    Revenge of the Fallen        Shia LaBeouf                Megan Fox

National Treasure                    Nicholas Cage

Unbreakable                           Samuel L. Jackson        Bruce Willis                  Robin Wright Penn

Philadelphia                             Tom Hanks                   Denzel Washington

In Her Shoes                             Cameron Diaz             Shirley MacLaine          Toni Collette

Jersey Girl                                Jennifer Lopez             Ben Affleck

Italian Job                                Mark Wahlberg          Charlize Theron            Donald Southerland

Beloved                                   Oprah  Winfrey           Danny Glover

The Sixth Sense                        Bruce Willis                   Haley Joel Osment      Toni Collette

Up Close & Personal                Robert Redford            Michelle Pfeiffer

Mannequin                               Kim Cattrall                  James Spader             Estelle Getty

12 Monkeys                             Bruce Willis                   Brad Pitt

Trading Places                         Eddie Murphy               Jamie Lee Curtis          Dan Aykroyd

Invincible                                  Mark Wahlberg           Greg Kinnear

Age of Innocence                     Michelle Pfeiffer            Winona Ryder            Daniel Day-Lewis

Witness                                    Harrison Ford                Kelly McGillis               Danny Glover

Blow Out                                  John Travolta                John Lithgow

Fallen                                       Denzel Washington       John Goodman           Donald Southerland

Return to Paradise                    Vince Vaughn               Anne Heche                 Jada Pinkett Smith

Rocky                                       Sylvester Stallone          Talia Shire                   Burgess Meredith

Rocky III                                   Sylvester Stallone          Talia Shire                   Burgess Meredith

Rocky V                                   Sylvester Stallone          Talia Shire                    Brigitte Nielsen

Rocky Balboa                          Sylvester Stallone          Milo Ventimiglia

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